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Curated by Elena Re


FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea has invited the Galleria Giorgio Persano to present the exhibition MICHELE ZAZA. Opere/Works 1970–2016 curated by Elena Re.

This important exhibition travels through the most significant passages of Zaza’s expressive research, beginning with his debut through to his current contributions. The curatorial idea is that of highlighting the artist’s central position with a journey that is projected into the present. From one work to another, Zaza’s poetic force is revealed: the desire to subvert the opacity of daily life and to formulate a world in which individuals express their freedom through the opportunities provided by imagining, self-projection and living their bodies as a terrain of discovery and continuous regeneration.

As a consequence, the exhibition presents itself as a journey through Michele Zaza’s works and begins with a historic, photographic work, Simulazione d’incendio (1970) – the first made by Zaza. It continues with his subsequent works from the 1970s where his mother, father, his own identity, his relationship with his homeland and origins and the sense of time are the basis for an authentic, revolutionary introspection. Works such as Mimesi (1975) or Neo terrestre (1979) are those which, amongst other things, signal Zaza’s international success, his relationship with Yvon Lambert and with Leo Castelli. Following on are the works of the 1980s where the question of the body becomes of primary importance and the figure of his wife opens up a profoundly intense, although ethereal and dreamy, vision of the feminine – works such as Cielo abitato (1985) – both a photographic sequence and also Zaza’s first, beautiful video. Then there are the works of the 1990s such as Forma sacra (1996) – uncompromising works that are often in black and white where the body is sculpture and faces achieve abstraction. We then get to the 2000s, the most recent works, in which the relationship with his daughter relaunches that performative dimension which, in reality, never foresaw an audience and which Zaza himself defines as anti-theatre – for example, Ritratto magico (2005) or Paesaggio magico (2009). In these frequently very large scale works, the scene is intimately animated with new tones and new presences, the composition stresses a symbolic reading, the painted faces reveal themselves as iconic beings – figures that go beyond any precise identity to become the expression of a possible universe. As in the video Infinito segreto (2016), a recently finished work that completes the exhibition journey and in which Zaza and his partner relate to the idea of infinity.

As the curator, Elena Re, states: “In Michele Zaza’s work, the body today designs a new trajectory and re-discovers the possibility of its infinite meanings, elaborating an idea of freedom in the indissoluble links between art and life. For this reason, bodies and faces are transfigured, becoming icons. There is no longer the father, no longer the family, no longer his own identity but a dialogue between being and time, a perceptive opening up towards a possible universe. In Michele Zaza’s cosmic vision, there is post-modern man’s landscape, a lyrical and suspended view that never ceases to question itself”.

As well as a vast number of works, the exhibition also presents a wealth of selected writings, projects and documents from the artist’s Archive. So much so that Michele Zaza’s solo exhibition is, in effect, an authentic in-depth study – in line with the cultural offering that the L’Inarchiviabile/The Unarchivable exhibition generated.

MICHELE ZAZA. Opere/Works 1970–2016
Curated by Elena Re

Via G.B. Piranesi 10, MILANO

Opening 26 October 2016 at 18.00

Open from 27 October to 23 December 2016
from Wednesday to Saturday 14-19.30 and by appointment

T. +39 011 4378178 +39 011 835527

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