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28.10.2023 – 24.02.2024

opening 28.10.2023 | h 17 – 20

simultaneous exhibitions at Giorgio Persano and Tucci Russo, Torino

extended to 23rd March, 2024

“It is a face but its appearance
Is through spaces places of geometry boundaries
of reliefs – luminous voids
points of encounters that are distant between
but coincidental for”
Marisa Merz

Two exhibitions, a single tribute to Marisa Merz.

A selection of works chosen for the occasion with the collaboration of Fondazione Merz, highlights the artist’s work on the elaboration of faces on ‘figures’. A theme, for the artist, that was not merely recurring but almost obsessive.

On display are large and small drawings on paper and on canvas, accompanied side by side by small clay sculptures; elements that go to form a philosophical and complex system of thinking in which faces or figures are realised through the superimposition of signs and materials, by means of an original form, refined over the years with rigour and vision.

Marisa Merz’s work is the revelation of a self, a succession of unknown and transfigured but profoundly real faces.

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