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14 March – 17 May, 2014
extended until 28 June, 2014

Opening 14 March, 7 – 11 pm

Whoever really loves the Moon is not happy contemplating it as a conventional image,
(s)he wants to enter in a closer relationship with it, wants to see more in the Moon, wants the Moon to say more.
Italo Calvino

I lunatici parlano alla Luna is the new sound work by Alessandro Sciaraffa and the fulcrum of the artist’s personal exhibition at the galleria Giorgio Persano.

Thanks to the link in streaming with the Radio Telescope of the Astronomical Observatory of Val Pellice, the public present at the inaugural event will be able to speak with the Moon. An EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) radio transmission will make it possible to reflect the voices of those present from the lunar surface and listen to the echo.

Participants are invited to enter a sort of intimate ‘space capsule’, a tent 3 metres in diameter and 7 in height in which, isolated from the space around, they can yell, whisper and ululate their dreams, requests, hates to that mysterious satellite that has enchanted poets, thinkers and scientists for so many centuries.
The artist’s intention is to “offer the voice as an extension of ourselves projected to elsewhere in a direct experience that can be used by all. A gesture indicating a look vertically upwards, a new horizon measured by distance with a reflection, aiming to indicate a different point of view. The construction of a sense-based experience able to overcome the obstacles of the superstructures that keep us anchored to the surface of the ground, takes on the form of a meditation concerning our condition”.

The words, phrases and sounds that are the protagonists of this dialogue with the Moon, recorded on 14 March – the day of the participatory event, will provide a backdrop of sound for the entire duration of the exhibition.
The works on show have all been planned as a tribute to our satellite, the surface of which is ideally impressed in the collective imagination, just as in Sciaraffa’s works we find it impressed on the drumheads or on photographic paper.

Alessandro Sciaraffa
Born in 1976 in Turin, where he lives and works.
He graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Torino and then studied at the Fondazione Spinola Banna, before graduating in the Designing the exhibition course at the Domus Academy of Milan.
A winner of national and international prizes, he has exhibited in Turin at the Fondazione Merz, at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.

The project has been organised in collaboration with: Osservatorio Astronomico Val Pellice, President Sergio Lera; amateur radio Stefano Bologna for the EME radio transmissions; CSP-Innovazione nelle ICT for the communications infrastructures; Paolo Brandi and Flavio Astorino for all the planning and technical production phases.

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