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From 25th September 2009, Herbert Brandl will be back on show at the Galleria Giorgio Persano in Piazza Vittorio 9, Turin, with a brand new series of paintings.

Brandl remains true to himself and his background while expressing himself through new artistic languages, with paintings that hover somewhere between figuration and abstraction, finely balanced between nature, vision and the independence of the artistic gesture.

An image or reproduction lies at the core of Brandl’s paintings, snapshots taken by the artist on his various hiking trips. They represent fragments of nature, such as the broken profiles of mountains or fiery atmospheric events. The specific, recognisable subject, or the obvious reproduction of an identifiable landscape from a specific perspective is of no interest to Brandl. For him the mountain is shape, the sky colour, grass rhythm, the rocky outcrop structure. It is in this way that photography lies at the heart of his artistic endeavour, as a means and not as an end.

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