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From 22 to 24 September 2020 Galleria Giorgio Persano will inaugurate a new space in the courtyard of Via Stampatori 4 – Turin, with a selection of mirrored paintings from the “Comunicazione” series exhibited in the gallery in the former Opificio Pastiglie Leone in October 2018.

In the works chosen for this event, the figures are depicted shown in conversation with their smartphones. Enclosed in their gestures, the women portrayed lead the viewer even more to seek a dialogue with them that is not mediated by technology. Pistoletto’s mirrors thus continue to reflect not only the contemporary world, but also the present itself, the living and immediate one of the reflection, and finally becoming a historical document for the future.

“Today the phenomenon of communication has assumed a dimension inconceivable a few decades ago. A small pocket phone instantly puts us in touch with the world. As ante litteram computers, the Quadri Specchianti are both the present and the memory. Moreover the exhibited works are like selfies, as they portray the person with all that lies behind him. The whole of humanity is now technologically linked up to the point of making inter-individual communication outside the technological system precarious. The works on show have neither an apologetic nor a critical function: they simply document the state of things. Communication, however, as we can well understand, has another side and that is the lack of communication. For this reason it becomes imperative to develop a new dimension that connects the positive side and the negative side of the communication processes, finding new balances in the relationship between nature and artifice, between individual people and society” Michelangelo Pistoletto, August 2018


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