Lina Fucà (Turin, 1972).

Lina Fucà was born in Turin in 1972. After attending the Liceo Artistico, she enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Turin, graduating in painting. In those same years, she began performances of live painting with the Barrito degli Angeli theatre group. This experience amplified the artist’s attitude of making her figurative practice communicate with other forms of expression such as theatre, music and video. The natural evolution of this dynamic relationship led to scenography and costumes with numerous independent theatre and film groups. The interaction between different forms of expression has in recent years become the characteristic of her work, which starts from a reflection on self-perception compared to the perception of “others”. Evidence of this approach were the works presented at the Galleria Giorgio Persano in April 2016, where some works were exhibited in a personal exhibition that are the result of an intertwining that gains substance in polyhedral visual forms and modes: from the projection of a video in which the artist and an Egyptian girl compare each other through similar and remote gestures, to the composition of a light box in which the self-portrait is acquired through the overlapping of portraits made by others; from the dressing of the artist undertaken by women who transform her into a semblance of self (a tangible sign of meeting oneself) to the tenacious and slight shadow left on large white sheets telling of the inner journey of a young woman at the threshold of disappearance. In the summer of 2016, the Fondazione Merz offered Lina Fucà an artistic residence in Cuba. From this experience emerged the work called Non bastano un milione di passi (‘A million steps is not enough’), reflecting on the encounter with the Caribbean island and combining photography, video and archaic forms of construction.

Recently, the artist presented her solo show at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Madrid (2017), and the exhibition “Solo da bambini” (2019), with Daniele Gaglianone and Paolo Leonardo, at the Merz Foundation, Turin. In the same year, she participated in “Intermezzo 2019”, a video art exhibition held in Palermo and curated by Agata Polizzi for the Fondazione Sicilia.