Paolo Cirio | Systems of Systems

Paolo Cirio | Systems of Systems

Paolo Cirio | Systems of Systems

Press release

Systems of Systems

24.05 – 26.07.2019

opening 24.05.2019, 6 p.m.

Paolo Cirio’s solo show Systems of Systems reflects on his informational artworks in relation to the ontologies of conceptual art.

In this survey exhibition, Cirio presents new and former artworks addressing current socio-economic information systems. Through analytical, interventionist, or utopian models, Cirio reformulates information theory rooted in early conceptual art and introduces the flowchart as an artistic medium, a visual form and concept for contemporary art. Cirio’s works in the age of algorithms, big data, and ubiquitous networks addresses the aesthetics, politics, and philosophy of information technology impacting all aspects of our society on a global scale.

Beyond examining existing systems, Cirio’s creations are further systems inserted into the networks forming society today. The flowcharts of Cirio’s systems depict the power of creation, knowledge, and agency in the information society. Cirio’s flowcharts became aesthetic objects, images of operations within networks of technological, financial, cultural, and social systems. The schematic, instrumental, and functional character of the flowchart is the quintessential portrayal of the inexorable technocratic order encircling contemporaneity. The visual language of the flowchart circumnavigates the pictorial image and becomes the relevant iconographic imagery of the information age.

Cirio’s work continues the trajectory of conceptual art that considers systems of information for aesthetic and social inquiries. In particular, Cirio refers to the fifty years after the coining of System Aesthetics in 1968, and the following exhibitions Information at MoMA and Software at Jewish Museum in 1970. With the new artwork Foundations in the central space of the gallery, Paolo Cirio identifies an aesthetics and history related to information systems increasingly interrelating with social fields. Giorgio Persano Gallery offers the ideal venue for Cirio’s mid-career survey, given the gallery’s decades-long involvement in conceptual art as well as showcasing the work of the seminal artists who were featured in the Information and Software exhibitions.

Thanks to NOME Gallery – Berlin