Santa Maria, Curaçao, 1968.
Lives and works in Amsterdam.

The work of Avery Preesman represents the constant quest for position and orientation within pictorial space. Within this context, separation and stratification would appear to be the guiding force behind the hand of the artist, whose brushstrokes reveal an ever-present drive towards delimitation and direction. It is from this drive that the staketsel motif takes shape, those initial parameters which lie beneath the surface of the works, upon which other motifs are then rooted. From this process of superimposition emerge the “wall paintings” in which, as can be seen in the two panels comprising “Untitled (Last Silver Painting in Prussian Blue)”, T-based lines and motifs freely dangle from the canvas, seemingly to measure the space that they occupy. Despite the density of the pieces, the works on display in the exhibition stand open to our gaze, permitting us to see through and identify the single layers.