Per Barclay

Per Barclay 1999

Per Barclay 1999

Giorgio Persano

Piazza Vittorio Veneto 9


October 5 – November 25, 1999

A breathing sound, a light movement. A soft white shape unfolds through space, like a cloud or a giant larva, supported by a jet of air. It is one of the installations that Per Barclay stages at the Giorgio Persano Gallery in Turin, following his recent retrospective exhibition at the National Gallery of Contemporary Art in Oslo. The work is made of a high-tech fabric (the same used in making parachutes), and plays with the impression of solidity and its intrinsic lightness and precariousness. A balance of tensions that is typical of Barclay’s work. From a static and classical form, such as the cube, out comes an informal and organic mass. Movement originates from inertia and disorder emerges from precision, unpredictable and uncontrollable. Whereas in earlier works similar underlying tensions created a disquieting sense of menace, here the absence of control is not perceived as dangerous, and the work conveys an impalpable and vital harmony.
On show are also some photographic works, an important aspect of Barclay’s artistic production, among which new photographs of the series known as Oil Rooms and some black and white and mixed media photographs where the model is the artist himself.
Barclay moves with great ease between different media, upsetting our traditional visual and spacial coordinates and opening before us new and unforseen spaces. Through his work we can experience new “uncontaminated” and original places.
Marcia Wallace