Luce a luce

Luce a luce

Luce a luce

Giorgio Persano

Via Principessa Clotilde 45


September 25, 2009 – January 16, 2010

For the second time Giorgio Persano’s exhibition space in 45 via Principessa Clotilde hosts a solo show by Nunzio.

In “Luce a Luce” the Italian sculptor will deal again, 4 years after his first solo in this space, with the 700 square meters of this former garage.

“I designed these works especially for this space – the artist says – it’s a huge space that requires big and powerful works. My goal is to dematerialize these forms, to give them weightlessness”.

This is what happens in the big installation, 12 meters long, made of holed corten steel. “It’s a concave element that on one hand seems to welcome the visitor like in a hug, but on the other hand it works as a transparent diaphragm that divides the space – Nunzio explains -. The tiny holes in the steel give levity to this work and design a grate that is metaphor for a symbolic midriff. Like in a hidden place veiled to everybody’s eyes, the grate brakes the visual unity, but let the words seep through. The piece so becomes a mute witness of something secret”.

The show also includes Alfabeto, a work composed by 21 lead elements. Besides there are a series of 3 drawings and 2 other lead works.

Nunzio’s artistic practice is, using the words written by Danilo Eccher, the new director of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Torino, “a kind of classical suspension, a rarefied elegance that recalls the formal synthesis of Costantin Brancusi and a supreme gesture that reminds on the Fontana’s ‘concetti spaziali’ ”. Besides: “The structure of Nunzio’s sculptures is an extreme fusion of the material that is spoiled to reach a nudity, an essentiality  that expose it to the desire of the glance”.