Aldo Ferrara

Aldo Ferrara

Aldo Ferrara

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05.04 – 27.04.2018

opening 05.04.2018, 6 p.m.

From 5 to 27 April 2018, Giorgio Persano is dedicating a tribute to Aldo Ferrara (1962 – 2017), presenting a selection of his works created in collaboration with the gallery since the 1980s.

The work of the Turin-born artist makes use of elementary instruments, essential geometric signs (points, lines, planes), and untreated materials (wood and metal), in a play of ephemeral arrangements, compositions and balances. Ferrara’s sculptures appear as possible realities, works open to movement and time, and they measure their surroundings with all the means at their disposal. A similar analysis of place takes the form of gestures that here extend into space in a voluminous bulk, there creep in and, reduced to a thin thread of thought, trace out trajectories that project themselves beyond the present.

“The concept of spatiality foresees an organisation, a consolidation, a stability. Aldo Ferrara instead works on ambiguity, on the whisper. The objects are always about to invade other spaces.” (Lisa Parola)
The unfolding of materials, the occupation of empty space, the relationships that are established between the works, are conceived by the artist as intuitions and sculptures as open theorems, images able to develop naturally into another thousand combinations and visions.

The exhibition displays some of the artist’s most significant works: if they were made of metal, for example, “Il compasso” and “Metamorfico” – argued Ferrara – would represent rigidity, a final form, the definition of the nature of the material and not of the idea of the work, while if they are made with wood they will continue to communicate a pulsing, breathing, instability; they will not be suffocated by their own materiality.
Flower bloom from the wooden cubes and try to free themselves from this prison with grace and heroism: in the “Simili e Possibili: Fiore/Ruota”, elegant floral “gears” seem about to move forward, slender presences compared to the imposing parallelepipeds of “Simili e possibili” and “Barricata”, which are blocks pierced by openings, containing views and thoughts or memories.

In this exhibition, the gallery presents the testimony of the artist, whose presence is suggested, as usual in his oeuvre, by a wooden parallelepiped of his exact dimensions, placed at the entrance to the space. Once again to listen, observe, question, dialogue, change, modify and disassemble his works, which he dreamed “capable above all of future”.

“Like a stone, thrown and carved;
like a stone a sheet must leave the presence of itself;
outside of reality in constant acceleration towards
dreams at intervals, on pedestals set downhill and uphill;
bodies and things, especially fast and slow curves;
nervous sleep, in the past.
To lose oneself where no one loses themself;
to find and try, overcome unnecessary epic obstacles.
Getting up is heroic, transforming is practical, doing is necessary;
roll and slip.
The other of oneself is the stone that is read, moves the centre,
breathes deep, in apnoea and if you do not discover the irony
you do not lose yourself: you are transformed.”

Aldo Ferrara

Photo Nicola Morittu